well positioned to fill faraway guarding posts.

Security guarding job opportunities are found mostly in major cities as security guarding companies base their operations near potential clients. The main job-hunting strategy for many prospective security guards is to to physically visit guarding security companies and drop off their CV with the hope of securing the jobs with the prospective guarding security employer. The problem with this plan is that when the security job is in a different city or town. A good example is when a guarding company is in Johannesburg and the security job is in Khatu, or the security company is in Kimberley but the security guard job opportunity is in Bloemfontein. Many job applicants are force to turn down the opportunity to feed their families when faced with such scenario. The private security industry does not offer stable employment, moving for a security guarding job means paying rent and groceries for two homes on a low salary. The solution offers prospective security guarding employers an opportunity to post a security job requiring applicants to come from a particular city or town. This way the is no reason for people to relocate, making it easier for guarding companies to fill post that are faraway for their main office when required. Posting a security guarding job is free on

April 10, 2019 6:54 pm