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Security guarding job opportunities are found mostly in major cities as security guarding companies base their operations near potential clients. The main job-hunting strategy for many prospective security guards is to to physically visit guarding security companies and drop off their CV with the hope of securing the jobs with the prospective guarding security employer. The problem with this plan is that when the security job is in a different city or town. A good example is when a guarding company is in Johannesburg and the security job is in Khatu, or the security company is in Kimberley but the security guard job opportunity is in Bloemfontein. Many job applicants are force to turn down the opportunity to feed their families when faced with such scenario. The private security industry does not offer stable employment, moving for a security guarding job means paying rent and groceries for two homes on a low salary. The solution offers prospective se…

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Help for the small guy to reach more customers.

Alarms, electric fence, gate manufacturing or palisades are just a few security products and services offered by small businesses in the private security and related sector, but reaching a critical mass of customers for this type of businesses has been hard until now. All the small business operator has to do now is list a free classified advertisement on to get the marketing exposure they rightly crave. Using the to reach more customers or grow sales is a big advantage for small businesses because most of their larger competitors will not be caught dead using classified advertisements as part of their lead generation arsenal. Even though's marketing solutions offers free or low cost opportunities to increase profits by reaching more customers, classified advertising is not the kind of platform big established players would take seriously. This gives today's small guy a chance to be tomorrow's big guy befor…

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Is the private security industry dropping the ball?

The prevention of the following types of crimes mostly fall under indivuals taking precautions to minimise risk. Dont get me wrong, I am not giving the police a free pass. It remains the responsiblity of the police to put criminal's behind bars.

Burglary at non-residential premises.

Reported cases: 71 131

Burglary at residential premises.

Reported cases: 227 727

Theft out of motor vehicles.

Reported cases: 129 088

Shop-lifting. Theft not reported elesewhere.

Reported cases: 302 353

Robbery at residential premises.

Reported cases: 22 255

Roberry at non-residential premises.

Reported cases: 19 987

Commercial crime.

Reported cases: 73 261

This adds-up to 845 802 incidents. Is the private security industry sleeping at the wheel or are individuals and businesses not using or in-adequately using the services this massiv…

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